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Hardy County Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to Hardy County West Virginia!

The Hardy County Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary, non-profit, membership organization of more than 170 business owners and professionals working together towards a common goal: to provide leadership, representation and promotional activities for our community and the businesses that support Hardy County.

In 2017, we are celebrating our 10th year as the premier business organization in Hardy County and we continue to strive to enable our members to do together what they might not be able to do individually.

Membership in the HCCC provides opportunities to help your business thrive.  We offer proven and innovative programs and events that are driven by business leaders to serve the economic engine of Hardy County.  Current membership benefits include:  

  • Local and regional Chamber After Hour events and networking opportunities
  • Weekly updates and information on business events and opportunities in Hardy County
  • Business listing on
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities - including the county highway map and Restaurant & Retail brochure

With an active Board of Directors and several committees, the HCCC offers many opportunities for members to grow their network, share their ideas and continue to thrive in our region.  Contact us today with questions, ideas or any great news you have to share about your organization!

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